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Keep arthritis pain from ruining your workout

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If you have arthritis pain in your hands, then you know that repetitive use or movement can cause you some pain.

Whether it’s typing on a keyboard, performing a hobby like knitting or even just gripping the steering wheel, daily activities you once enjoyed can become bothersome. And if you’re trying to keep a regular fitness routine that includes strength training with weights (to boost metabolism/build muscle), your arthritis pain could hamper your best efforts.

While there’s no easy or quick answer, a simple five-minute exercise might give you some temporary relief. All you need is a small ball — a racquetball or tennis ball will work well — and a little instruction like you’ll find in my video below…

  • Using the ball as a massage tool, you’re going to use one of your hands to massage the other. Apply mild to moderate pressure.
  • Start rolling the ball over the top of one hand from wrist to the end of each digit.
  • Then place the same hand over the ball and move the hand so you’re massaging the palm in the same way down each digit.
  • Lastly, grasp the ball and the splay your fingers open continuing to keep some pressure on the ball.
  • Repeat with your other hand.

The same technique can be used for your feet.  Remember, whatever you do, just don’t give up and stop moving. Being sedentary is one the top 10 arthritis mistakes you don’t want to make.

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