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Insomnia Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Cures

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By Dr Nisha Khanna , Psychology

Insomnia is a many common nap complaint. It occurs when we have difficulty descending defunct or staying defunct even yet we had a event to get a full night of sleep. The causes, symptoms and astringency of insomnia change from chairman to person. Insomnia might include:

  • Difficulty descending asleep
  • Difficulty staying defunct via a night
  • Waking adult too early in a morning

Insomnia involves both a nap reeling and daytime symptoms. The effects of insomnia can impact scarcely each aspect of your life. Studies uncover that insomnia negatively affects work performance, impairs decision-making and can repairs relationships. In many cases, people with insomnia news a worse altogether peculiarity of life. There are generally dual forms of Insomnia:

  1. Primary Insomnia: The condition is not directly compared with other health conditions or problems.
  2. Secondary insomnia: The problem formula from other inauspicious health conditions such as depression, asthma, cancer, arthritis or heartburn, or problems associated to intake of drugs or extreme expenditure of ethanol and taboo drugs.

Insomnia can also be categorized on a basement of a duration. It can possibly be strident (short term, lasts for a night to a week) or ongoing (long term, 3 excited nights in a week for a month or more). In some cases, insomnia can also start during durations of normal sleep.


  1. Low levels of serotonin (a neurotransmitter that is obliged for a law of sleep-wake cycles) interrupt a nap cycle, thereby causing insomnia.
  2. Psychological concerns such as increasing highlight levels, depression, highlight or even a desire of a chairman towards high levels of neuroticism (long-term bent to be in a disastrous state of mind) are a categorical psychological causes of insomnia.
  3. Medical conditions such as asthma, arthritis, neurological disorders, etc. are critical triggers of asthma.
  4. Other causes might embody extreme intake of ethanol and caffeine, nicotine or certain food additives.
  5. However, insomnia is essentially associated to highlight and highlight associated disorders.


The common signs of insomnia include:

  1. Inability to tumble asleep, notwithstanding being physically exhausted, for during slightest a week or more.
  2. Persistent lassitude and fatigue.
  3. Constant irritability.
  4. Waking adult invariably during night even if we conduct to sleep.

Ways to quarrel this condition-

Chronic insomnia contingency be given prompt medical attention; many like other psychological problems. However, many people cite to find a heal during home before visiting a doctor.

Some techniques are listed below:

  1. Maintain correct sleeping duration and patterns: Go to bed during a same time each day and get sufficient nap for about 7-8 hours.
  2. Cut down on caffeine and ethanol intake.
  3. Make certain that your room is quite, dim and cold before we retire for a night. Keep your room scrupulously ventilated and switch off all a lights of a room before we go to sleep. To cut out ambient noise, we can use ear plugs.
  4. Relaxation Techniques: These should be finished before nap and include:
    1. Take a comfortable bath right before bed
    2. Meditate for about 15-20 minutes
    3. Listen to balmy song once in bed
    4. Drink a crater of decaf immature tea
  5. Exercise: Regular exercises for about 30-40 mins assistance in a increasing secretion of ‘serotonin’ and ‘endorphins’, hormones that assistance quarrel highlight and act as mood stabilizers. It also helps in bettering a body’s blood circulation, all of that assistance satisfy sleep.
  6. Aromatherapy: Oils and scents used for aromatherapy are accessible in a marketplace and might infer useful in fighting insomnia. The essential oil can be sprinkled on a hankie and 10 to 15 low breaths of a same might be useful in shortening highlight and causing a loose state of mind.
  7. Manage highlight and highlight levels
  8. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Essentially a review centric therapy, this form of therapy aims to change your suspicion patterns, that can in spin change a approach we feel.
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