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In the kitchen with Kellye: Black garlic mac and cheese

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Black garlic seems so mysterious. Unless you frequent the high end restaurants in some of the bigger cities, you may not have come across it yet. That’s where it’s apparently all the rage with chefs in the know…

Well, those of us who read are in the know too… and that’s how I first heard about it.

Basically it’s white garlic that has undergone a type of heated fermentation process that most noticeably changes its color from white to black, but also does some amazing things to its flavor. I’ve seen it described as the perfect mix of molasses-like richness and tangy garlic undertones.

But what’s really cool is what this process does to garlic’s already potent health properties (read about the odor-free cancer fighter here).

Black garlic may seem fancy-schmancy but it’s easy to incorporate into one of our all-time favorite recipes: mac and cheese. Give this black garlic mac and cheese a try and impress all your family and friends. While I was researching black garlic I came across this recipe for black garlic mac and cheese at blackgarlic.net. If you want to try some fancier recipes with black garlic, check out their site. But for me, this black mac hits the spot.

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