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In the kitchen with Kelley: Veggie stir-fry with cauliflower rice

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Have you tried making a pizza crust with cauliflower yet? Me either. But I have tried cauliflower rice and really liked it.

Making “rice” out of cauliflower cuts down on calories in an enormous way. Cauliflower rice has 25 calories per cup, whereas a cup of cooked brown rice has 218.

The carb difference is just as mind-boggling… 5 grams for a cup of cauliflower versus 46 grams in a cup of brown rice.

That makes this totally veggie dish too good for you on so many levels…

Cauliflower is an extremely versatile, vitamin-rich superfood that fights cancer (broccoli does too!), boosts heart and brain health, and provides detoxification support. It’s pretty packed nutritionally with vitamin C, B6, magnesium, potassium, and commendable amounts of calcium, iron and protein.

Add in the extra cancer-killing vitamin C from your bell peppers; the cholesterol-lowering, blood sugar-balancing onion; and heart-protecting potassium in the yellow squash — and you’re good to go.

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