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In the Kitchen with Kelley: Spaghetti squash marinara with poached egg

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It’s hard to ignore squash this time of year. They’re everywhere. But aside from great fall decoration, squash make for good eating… if you can get over your fear of cooking them.

I suffered from squash-phobia for most of my adult life. Oh, I loved eating all types… but cooking them was a different matter. They seem hard and complex. But they are just the opposite.

Take the spaghetti squash. Basically what you want to eat comes in its own containment system. Just put the whole thing in the oven for a bit, and then easily slice it open to get to the good stuff.

A few years ago, I decided to cut down on the amount of pasta I was eating. But being a lover of Italian food, I was thrilled to find a healthy and tasty alternative that worked with one of my favorite dishes: spaghetti marinara with poached egg.

What’s great about this dish is I’m not filling up on carbs, I’m getting some greens in the form of spinach, and I’m helping to ensure my body is benefiting from all that the vegetables in this dish have to offer — thanks to the delicious poached eggs that provide just enough fat to help my body soak it up. Without a little fat, your body doesn’t absorb the vitamin E, especially, that this squash (and spinach) are  excellent sources of. And believe me vitamin E is a powerful health-boosting antioxidant you want to reap the benefits of.

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