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In the kitchen with Kelley: Overnight breakfast chia pudding

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Many say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s certainly the most skipped meal of the day for a lot of busy people.

To make up for that, an entire industry of ultra-processed ready–to-eat or quick-fix foods erupted with toaster pastries, sugar-laden cereals and questionable protein bars.

I never quite understood the lure of those foods when something as simple as a banana comes in its own packaging and you can grab it on your way out of the door.

Still we search for ways to eat well — conveniently and easily…

In comes the overnight oats trend. Simply throw a few ingredients together in a mason jar, store in the fridge and there you have it: oats on the go.

It’s a great idea. But if you haven’t tried it yet, think about substituting chia seeds for oats.

Why? Chia seeds are a tiny superfood — but a very big deal. For starters it’s a gluten-free, plant-based whole food that’s loaded with fiber (no one gets enough of this anti-aging nutrient) and has a nutritional profile that’s out of this world.

It can help you lower your inflammation, blood pressure and heart attack and stroke risk. It’s also a potent antioxidant. And when it comes to eating it, there are lots of tasty ways…

But my favorite way is as a delicious chia breakfast pudding. I hope you’ll give this quick, easy-to-fix and good-for-you breakfast a try.

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