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In the kitchen with Kelley: Grapes and walnuts with creamy lemon sauce

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The older I get, it seems, the more I crave dessert.

Fortunately I’m aware of this growing craving, so I’m careful not to overdo it and to choose my sweet treats wisely.

Last week I had a particularly intense sweet tooth and all I had on hand was grapes. A few days earlier I had enjoyed frosted grapes drizzled with dark chocolate. It was delicious, but I wanted something different…

That’s when an internet search led me to stumble upon this gem on the Mayo Clinic site. I just had to run out and grab some heart-healthy, brain-boosting walnuts and a lemon and I was all set. I also substituted plain Greek yogurt for sour cream, which is what the original recipe called for. Feel free to try it either way, but I find that yogurt is an excellent protein-rich substitute.

I like grapes so much, I hardly need an excuse to imbibe. But just so you understand what a healthful snack they are, here are some facts…

  • A compound in grapes can help you lose weight…
  • Resveratrol from grapes may help protect against cancer…
  • Muscadine grapes are especially good for your heart health!


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