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In the kitchen with Kelley: Beet wraps with hummus

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Doctors have long lauded beets for their ability to improve blood circulation.

The secret to their circulation-boosting power is the massive concentration of natural nitrates found in the red root veggies. These nitrates perform a key role in helping your body produce extra nitric oxide molecules in the blood, which are extremely helpful in dilating blood vessels and helping more oxygen reach the muscles throughout your body.

The beet’s benefits extend from your brain to your toes: Beets can improve your diet, boost brainpower, support sexual health, increase endurance, and defend your body against various health issues–especially if you’re over 40.

The earthy flavor of beets can definitely be an acquired taste for some. But when you pair it with your favorite hummus (here’s my favorite homemade recipe) and feta—it makes for a delicious and healthy combination in these beet wraps with hummus.

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