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Important Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

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Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

For every woman, pregnancy brings a mixed feeling of thrill and worry. It calls for lots of responsibilities and care not only for the mother-to-be but for the unborn baby too. During pregnancy, the growth of the baby is totally dependent upon the mother’s condition.

It is very important to provide a balanced nutrition and healthy environment to the pregnant woman for a healthy child. With every essential habits and conducts, it is also important to avoid some of the negative aspects which can harm the baby or obstruct the needful growth especially during the initial stage of pregnancy.

Here are some crucial points to be kept in mind during pregnancy which can affect the health of baby in the womb.

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

Avoid Smoking During Pregnancy

Whether it is active or passive, smoking affects the baby’s development. Women, who have smoking habits, pass severe health problems to the baby inside. Smoking during pregnancy can obstruct the vital growth of unborn baby and leads to low weight, infection, premature child birth and breathing problems by birth.

Avoid Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking at the initial stage of pregnancy can lead it to miscarriage. Breathing around the people who smokes also affects the baby with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Cigarette consumption is the major concern during pregnancy and it should be avoided in any case for baby’s overall development.

Avoid Medicines Without Supervising

It is must to consult gynaecologist or specialist before taking any medicines during pregnancy. There are lots of changes take place during pregnancy and body can react with such medicines and herbs which we take in general. Any of these unusual reactions can harm the baby inside with severe problems. It is advisable to be concerned about medications and herbs and always take a specialist’s advice regarding the same for safety.

Avoid Hot Tub and Sauna Baths

It is very important to keep the body in certain temperature during pregnancy. Even a slight fluctuation of temperature can harm the baby during initial stage of pregnancy.

Avoid Hot Tub and Sauna Baths

Saunas and hot tub bath make a sudden increase in body temperature and obstruct the baby’s development through overheating. Try to avoid any of the activities such as Jacuzzi, hot oil massage and hot water bath which can increase body temperature and affect the baby inside.

Avoid Vigorous Activities During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, body needs to be calm and free from extra pressure and strains. Vigorous workouts and exercises like brisk walk, some yoga postures, weightlifting, running and more can harm the baby and affect the development at the crucial stage. Exhausting activities can also cause miscarriage at the initial stages. Try not to get involved with those tiring activities.

Avoid Consumption of Caffeine

Caffeine directly affects the nervous system and it can cause anxiety, drowsiness, sleepiness, and rough heartbeats. Caffeine also dehydrates body and causes fatigue and nausea. Caffeine exceeding permissible limits can affect baby’s normal weight and size and it can also affect the baby with birth defects.

Avoid Consumption of Caffeine

There are lots of food products contain caffeine such as coffee, chocolate, beverages and tea and these things should be eliminated or limited from diet during pregnancy for baby’s proper development.

These are some common avoidable ideals during pregnancy to provide proper care and safety to the baby inside for and healthy development.

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