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How Well You Sleep Is Ruled By Heavenly Bodies

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If you embrace astrology, you believe that heavenly bodies rule our destiny. There’s some scientific support for that: Researchers in Switzerland have found that how well you sleep is ruled by movements above us, among the stars.

In a test of 33 people, ages 20 to 74, Swiss scientists found that how deeply we sleep and our release of melatonin, a hormone linked to sleep, is connected to the phases of the moon.

When the moon is full, melatonin levels in the body drop, a shift that can compromise sleep. In contrast, when the moon waxes and wanes, melatonin climbs, making it easier to drift into slumber and enjoy REM sleep, the type of sleep where dreams may come.

“The only explanation we could come up with is that maybe there is a lunar clock in the brain, as found in other species like fish and other marine animals,” says researcher Christian Cajochen. “But we don’t have direct evidence for that.”

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