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How to Maintain Healthy Hair: 5 Hair Care Tips You Love!

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By Dr Meenakshi Jagwani , Dermatology

  1. Your hair contingency be stable opposite a UV rays of a object and pollution: Both can have a damaging outcome on a color, strength, and hardness of your hair. While we strengthen your facial skin from a object and dust, it is also critical to cover your hair while going out. Tying your hair or covering with a headband or top will be a bonus to your hair.
  2. Apply castor oil during slightest once in a week: It pampers a dry hair. It is hassle-free and a tested track to healthy hair.
  3. Don’t be too severe with your hair: Many people tend to dry or brush their hair with additional force and vigor. This is a wrong use as it rids your scalp of essential oils and competence even make hair mangle unnecessarily. Hair needs peaceful care. Tying adult one’s hair too firmly is again a bad thing; it formula in a decrease hairline also creation a strands break.
  4. Air- drying is always a best way: People are generally in a precipitate to leave after carrying cleared their scalps; they, therefore, use hair dryers. Direct feverishness is never good for a health of your hair. One should try to take out time to air- dry their hair in sequence to keep it in a certain condition.
  5. Do not try to brush or brush soppy hair: Wet hair is really crisp and breaks easily. Allow a hair to dry before combing or brushing.
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