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How to Lose Calories Regularly and Become Fitter

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Lose Calories

We all want to lose calories and become fitter. We also know that to lose calories, the only two fundamental activities required are more exercise and lesser fatty foods. However, as you must have seen in the past, this is easier said than done.

Top 5 Tips  To lose Calories 

Choose a Simple Activity

When we think about losing calories, many of us set huge goals right at the beginning. This inevitably leads to failure. If you are not used to exercising at all and suddenly decide to exercise for an hour everyday, you will most probably fail. The best way to lose calories in the long term is to start small. You don’t need to learn a complicated exercise routine.


Start with something simple that is extremely easy for you to perform everyday. Some examples of simple routines are – walking for 10 minutes everyday, jogging for 10 minutes everyday or playing a sport for 10-15 minutes everyday. The key is to perform this simple activity every single day for the next 30 days without a break.

My point is: choose something that is very easy to include in your daily routine for the next 30 days. Then, after 30 days, you can go ahead and increase your exercise level. This method is much better than exercising intensely for 5 days and then, not at all. Persisting everyday is better than choosing a perfect exercise routine that is not performed regularly.

Set a Daily Calories Goal

An excellent way to motivate yourself to lose more calories is to keep track of the calories you lose when you exercise everyday. This is not complicated at all. Perform a Google search to find the number of calories a person of your weight, height and age will lose when walking, running, or playing a sport for 10 minutes (or the number of minutes you decide to exercise initially).

An approximate value for the number of kilo calories lost by an 80 kg man who is in his twenties (and is of average height), is 100 kilo calories for twenty minutes of walking. Find out the number of calories you will lose when you perform your exercise activity everyday. Now, whenever you start exercising, start a timer to record the number of minutes you are exercising for. This will tell you the number of calories you have lost.

To make things easier, you can also download a calorie counting mobile application to track the number of calories burnt. I personally use an application called ‘Burn Calories’ to track my own calorie loss everyday. As you see yourself using up calories, you will feel more and more motivated to break your own records and exercise more than you did the previous day.

Conduct a ‘No Deep Fried Foods’ Trial

Apart from exercise, you also need to reduce your consumption of fatty food. To lose weight and calories, start off a ‘no deep fried foods for 30 days’ trial along with your ‘exercise for 10 minutes’ trial. This will ensure that you do not eat any fatty foods for the next 30 days.

unhealthy food

Yes, this is easier said that done, and you will have to exercise some will power in this respect. To make things easier however, you can stop buying fatty foods and start buying more fruits. If you find more fruits around you, you might end up eating a fruit or two when you feel hungry.

It is fascinating to note just how great a difference refusing to buy fatty food and buying fruits instead, can make. When I followed this method, I ended up eating oranges instead of fried wafers everyday. I even started enjoying eating oranges – and that helped me lose calories.

Put a Tick On A Chart Everyday

One of the best ways to achieve any goal is to track  it everyday. A good way to make sure you are losing calories on a regular basis is to hang up a chart on the wall and put a tick on the chart on every single day of your 30 day trial. Take some chart paper and draw two columns on it. One column can be labelled, ‘Lost 100 Kilo Calories (or the number of kilo calories you want to lose)’.

The other column can be labelled, ‘Did Not Eat Fatty Food’. Now, write down numbers from 1 to 30 next to these columns. For every day on which you lose your target number of calories, put a tick mark under the first column. For every day on which you don’t eat fried food, put a tick mark in the second column. As you keep putting tick marks, you will feel incredibly motivated everyday. Slowly, you will start getting excited about losing more calories than ever and eating healthier and ever. Before you know, people around you might start commenting about your lost weight!

Change the Calories and Food Goals Every Month

The first month of tracking calories and eating healthy is the most important month. After you have exercised regularly and eaten healthy food for 30 days, increase your exercise time and improve your diet further during the next month. Then, in the next month after that, increase your exercise time even more and improve your diet to an even larger extent.

Change the Calories and Food Goals Every Month

Before you know, you will have developed an excellent exercise routine and an incredibly healthy diet. Of course, you will have lost an enormous number of calories in the process and become fitter than ever. As you can see, it is not that difficult to lose calories and weight and become fitter. All you need to do is exercise more and eat healthier. You don’t need to eat radically healthier and exercise intensely today itself.

Start off with exercising a bit more than you do now and by eating a bit healthier than you do now. Even 5 minutes of extra walking or reducing one oily snack a day is an excellent start. As you keep going persistently, you will eventually achieve your goal of losing a large amount of calories. The key is to start small and track your progress everyday.

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