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How to Get Rid of Summer Acne

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summer AcneSummer is around the corner and there are a lot of aspects that you need to take care of. Apart from looking into effective ways on how to maintain a cool atmosphere, there are a lot of crises that you might need to solve from time to time.

The warm and humid weather leads to a lot of sweat and bacteria accumulation in the body. It also leads to triggered sebum and oil production on the skin. These problems lead to what we commonly know as summer acne.

However, there are a lot of remedies and treatments with the help of which you can get rid of these ugly breakouts on the skin. This health guide below will help you out with top notch ideas. Pick according to your suitability: –

How to Get Rid of Summer Acne

Drink Plenty of Water

One of the simplest tips to treat summer acne and have a clear skin is to keep the body and the skin hydrated. This is possible if you drink good amounts of water and other healthy liquids. About 10-12 glasses of water will flush out the dirt, bacteria and oil accumulated on the skin that leads to blocked pores and acne breakouts.

Drink Plenty of Water

Along with water, include fresh fruit juices, buttermilk and coconut water as well to trigger the outcomes. It also adds a glow to the face as a dual benefit. Along with this, water has innumerable advantages for the body.

Have a Controlled Diet

Oily and spicy foods in summers will not only increase the chances of summer acne but also aggravate the situation if you are already going through it. This should be totally avoided. Vegetables and fruits are the best ways to keep the system clear and the skin healthy. This will clear the constipation which is one of the major causes of acne.

Skin Cleansing Regimen

Accumulation of oil, dirt, bacteria and dead skin on the face is usually one of the key causes for summer acne. The idea is to follow a strict regimen of cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing.

Skin Cleansing Regimen

Cleaning the face twice everyday and scrubbing it once or twice in a week is advisable in summers. Along with this, use a good moisturizer two times in a day to keep the skin nourished and hydrated. This will help in getting freedom from acne.

Do Not Touch

If you really want to get rid of summer acne, make sure you do not touch it with your fingers. This will only aggravate the situation further and it might also spread to others parts of the skin. It is recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly before touching the acne.

Maintain Hygiene

Maintain Hygiene

Make sure you regularly change the pillow cases, bed sheets and all the fabrics that come in contact with the acne. This will help you in triggering positive results of treatment for summer acne.

Salicylic Acid Application

For the successful removal of dead skin which causes breakouts and acne, you should use salicylic acid. It is one of the most effectual and easy ways to treat summer acne and that too in an affordable manner.

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