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How Cow Urine Therapy Helps Manage Diabetes?

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By Bhujbale’s Ayurveda Piles Clinic, Ayurveda,

Diabetes is a condition that is characterized by participation of extreme sugarine in a blood. It possibly occurs due to insulin attraction or marred insulin prolongation in a body. Diabetes is a lifestyle commotion and can final an whole lifetime. Hence, it is critical to make changes your lifestyle to keep diabetes underneath control.

The symptoms of diabetes are:

1. Fatigue:

You might knowledge tired as a sugarine does not get scrupulously metabolized in a physique and thus, is not accessible for your body’s appetite needs.

2. Weight Fluctuations:

Frequent urination might lead to detriment of glucose from a body. This might lead to cravings for food, ensuing in fast fluctuations in weight.

3. Blurred vision:

Presence of extreme sugarine in a physique might lead to detriment of liquid from a tissues in your body. This might bushel a ability of your eye to concentration and means confused vision.

4. Feeling thirsty:

You might constantly feel parched if we are influenced by diabetes as a participation of additional sugarine in a physique leads to visit urination.

How does cow urine therapy work?

Cow urine therapy involves regulating cow urine to provide several disorders. Cow urine contains elements like carbolic poison and nitrogen that are good for a body. Nitrogen is a diuretic that helps in boosting kidney functions. Cow urine also contains several minerals that are good for a physique in box we have diabetes. It helps in replenishing minerals in a physique that is mislaid due to visit urination.

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