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How Can You Prevent Constipation After Back Surgery?

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By, Dr. Rakesh Dhupia Jain, General Surgery

Many people who are recuperating from behind medicine tend to humour from constipation. The condition leads to substantial pain as good as discomfort. Even yet it is never enclosed in a liberation process, constipation, along with a inauspicious side effects, can poise a poignant plea during a duration of liberation from a behind injury.

Constipation is caused due to a series of factors that are compared with behind surgery. This includes stress, anaesthesia, utilizing pain drugs to cope with a behind surgery, dietary changes as good as decreased activity.

Hence, some easy ways to residence constipation that follows constipation are listed below:

  1. Physical activity should be increasing as most as probable after surgery. An glorious idea would be walking or jogging as it would assistance normalize a corporeal functions.
  2. The use of analgesic drugs should be minimized.
  3. Use sofa softeners or twine purge after medicine so that a risks of constipation are reduced.
  4. Try to splash as most H2O and other non-caffeinated liquids, as possible. Apple cider and shear extract are glorious examples of healthy laxatives.
  5. Try to eat dishes that have a aloft calm of twine since they assist a healthy functioning of a guts and a intestines. Examples of twine abounding dishes embody whole grains, beans, bran cereals, fruits such as grapes, watermelon, etc., and vegetables such as carrots and lettuce.
  6. The expenditure of dishes that lead to constipation, such as meat, cheese and processed dishes should be limited.
  7. Instead of vast meals, tiny and visit dishes should be eaten so that a digestive routine is means to duty some-more efficiently.


Apart from a above-stated ways, holding non-prescriptive medicines such as bowel stimulants or suppositories (devices that can be extrinsic inside a rectum) after medicine helps in addressing constipation.

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