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Hormonal Methods of Birth Control

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By Dr. Viniita Jhuntrraa , Sexology

Hormonal contraception is a many common means of post-intercourse preventive pill in a world. It refers to adopting preventive methods that are administered to a endocrine complement by steroid hormones, that is thorough of normal preventive pills. Pills are a many opted for process of hormonal contraception since of their easy availability, efficacy and focus but hassle. Contraceptive hormones could also be injected, or practical as a skin patch, make or a vaginal ring.

What do hormonal contraceptives contain of and how do they safeguard that pregnancy does not occur?

Hormonal contraceptives are possibly stoical of estrogen and progestin hormones or usually progestin hormones, that forestall ovulation after intercourse. The egg is not authorised to be released, that provides no component for a spermatazoa to fertilize.

Are there accompanying inauspicious effects to hormonal contraception?

There are however, some neglected repercussions due to hormonal fluctuations brought about by these steroidal drugs. To equivocate such side effects, it is endorsed that we try out other non medical preventive methods like condoms, and cervical barriers and usually opt for hormonal preventive methods in box of apocalyptic situations.

What are a common disastrous side effects we might face after opting for hormonal contraception?

The estrogen member in hormonal contraceptives leads to nausea, headaches, mood swings, love in breasts, vaginal discharge, greasy deposition nearby a abdomen, queasiness and heart complications. The progestin component is partially reduction harmful, ensuing usually in probable weight increase, constipation, strange menstruation, high blood vigour and cholesterol.

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