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Homeopathy Cure for White Patches

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By Dr. Priya Thakkar, Homeopathy

Vitiligo or Leucoderma is an autoimmune condition, tangible as a common skin disorder, wherein your skin develops white rags or outlines due to a detriment in colouring cells called melanin. This colouring determines a tone of your eyes, skin and hair. However, in Vitiligo, usually a skin tone gets affected, though a hardness and other qualities of a skin sojourn a same. There is a probability that a hair can spin white in areas that are influenced by this skin disease.


a) It might be overdue to a commotion in your defence complement in that it functions opposite your body’s tissues and organs.

b) In some cases, even a singular eventuality can trigger this skin disease, such as romantic trouble or sunburn, to name a few.

c) It is some-more widespread in people who humour from some autoimmune conditions, such as Alopecia Areata, Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland) and Pernicious anemia (a dump in RBCs).

Homeopathy Treatment-

Following medicines are deliberate best for treating Vitiligo:

1. Calcarea Carb:

It is deliberate a tip rated inherent homeopathic drug for a diagnosis of this skin disease. It is generally prescribed to those who humour from chalky white rags on their skin. This medicine is also prescribed when we knowledge perspiration over your head, chest and neck and rise dogmatism towards cold climatic conditions. Also, it is useful in cases wherein we knowledge some volume of debility in your skeleton and feel simply exhausted.

2. Silicea:

Silicea is a homeopathic medicine, that has proven to be utterly effective in treating Vitiligo, when selected according to a person’s inherent makeup. The common signs and symptoms this medicine helps restorative are slick and dark skin, extreme sweating on your hands and feet, pus arrangement in opposite tools of a physique and being excessively receptive to cold.

3. Sulphur:

Sulphur is an equally effective pill for a diagnosis of different skin conditions, including Vitiligo.

It is always endorsed to consult a homeopath before undergoing any such medication.

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