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Herpes – Know Its Ayurvedic Treatment

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By Dr. Pradnya Aptikar , Ayurveda

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that spreads essentially by a ‘Herpes Simplex’ virus; by defenceless passionate retort and passionate hit as well. The ‘Herpes Simplex’ pathogen can also pass from a mom to a child during pregnancy. This infection can significantly boost a chances of a beforehand delivery. It is a rarely foul illness that solemnly destroys a defence system, creation a endangered chairman disposed to other critical diseases or medical conditions such as HIV or Chlamydia.

Herpes can be of dual types: Oral Herpes and Genital Herpes.

The symptoms of Herpes embody a coming of exceedingly itchy, little, reddish and unpleasant bumps around a mouth, genitals, and a rectum.

According to Ayurveda, a means of Genital herpes or any other illness for that matter is a imbalance of a ‘Doshas’ of a tellurian body. This imbalance competence start as a outcome of strange and diseased dietary habits, extreme ethanol consumption, recurrent episodes of sleeplessness and indigestion. These factors outcome in a impurity of a blood and pitta that induces a arrangement of sores around a skin. The Ayurvedic treatments aim to discharge genital herpes by balancing a Doshas and purifying a Pittas.

The many effective Ayurvedic treatments for genital herpes are as follows:

  1. A prescribed focus of a reduction of ‘kama dudha’ and cream on a influenced spots competence assistance in a finish rejecting of verbal herpes.
  2. Neem is rarely effective in restorative genital herpes. If we can request a regulated dose of Neem oil on a influenced areas, it competence stop a proliferation of a pathogen completely. Also, Neem is intensely profitable in strengthening a defence system.
  3. Consuming ½ teaspoon of Triphala churned with comfortable H2O before going to bed helps in a replacement of a Pitta and provides heal for verbal herpes.
  4. Twice-a-day focus of Aloe Vera jelly extracted from a bulb of a Aloe leaves on a endangered area for half an hour competence assistance we to get absolved of a sores.
  5. A crater of prohibited tea containing powders of Brahmi, chamomile or jatamamsi can yield an effective pill for genital herpes.
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