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Hernia Surgery – Before & Aftercare Tips!

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By Dr. Amit Jain, General Surgery

Hernia is a little tab or shun of any structure or organ by circuitously diseased mark or muscle. There are several forms of hernia like inguinal hernia (direct and indirect), femoral hernia, umbilical hernia, umbilical hernia, epigastria hernia and rent hernia. This hernia can be private and relocated to a strange position and cumulative with special form of hernia filigree to forestall a regularity of hernia.

When hernia medicine is required?

Hernia is not a critical health emanate that requires medicine immediately. But medicine is essential usually during a following situation-

  • Size of hernia is some-more than half an inch.
  • Hernia causes serious pain and causes most earthy discomfort.
  • Hernia causes disfigurement.


There are dual opposite methods used for hernia surgery:

  1. Open Hernia Repair -Open surgical rent is finished nearby a herniated site and a surgical procession is finished and cumulative with a filigree work. This surgical procession requires several basic measures to be finished before surgery. There is also blood detriment and liberation duration after medicine is also some-more than other form of surgeries.
  2. Minimally Invasive Hernia Repair -The medicine is finished with a laparoscope that has little tiny camera, little cosmetic hernia filigree and little apparatus with it. So a studious can lapse behind to their normal slight progressing as a rent finished is smaller.

Before undergoing hernia surgery:

  • One week before medicine it is most essential to stop holding drugs that are causes a thinning of a blood. Drugs like aspirin should be stopped with a doctor’s advice.
  • Stop herbal supplements and check a aptness of your cardio and diabetes.
  • Gain adequate believe about medicine and be prepared for a post surgical care.

After hernia surgery:

  • Avoid complicated weight lifting , exercises, and earthy works with extreme aria few weeks after surgery
  • Cough or giggle shrill usually with a support to a surgical site compartment one week after surgery
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