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Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest: Emergency Treatment!

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By Dr. Skand Kumar Trivedi , Cardiology

Heart attack, also famous as myocardial infarction, is a serious condition where genocide of a heart flesh occurs since of a detriment of blood supply. The blood detriment customarily happens since of a blockage of a coronary artery. Due to electrical instability, ventricular fibrillation is caused. Heart attacks might outcome in permanent mind repairs or even death.

  • Symptoms of Heart Attack: There are many early symptoms and signs of heart attack, that should be recognized. Symptoms of heart conflict change from chairman to person. Here is a list of a primary heart conflict symptoms:
  • Chest Pain and Discomfort: Chest pain is a simple pointer of a heart conflict and occurs in opposite forms. The chest pain has a pressure, generosity and squeezing prodigy and starts from a core of a chest. The pain might go divided and re-occur and might widespread down to other limbs of a body.
  • Headache, Toothache: The chest pain occurring due to a heart conflict spreads all over a physique and a jaw. Even a behind and conduct are affected. Sometimes pain in these regions is benefaction while chest pain is absent.
  • Shortness of Breath: A panting prodigy or feeling crispness of exhale is another common pointer of a heart attack. Such respirating problem is called dyspnea. The crispness of exhale occurs before or during a chest pain.
  • Nausea and Vomiting: The feeling of revulsion or illness in a stomach is another probable symptom. It is accompanied by belching or burping and sometimes, a heart conflict is compared with a feeling of indigestion. Nausea is some-more common in women. Vomiting also occurs alongside nausea.
  • General Epigastric Discomfort: In several cases, patients report a pain of a heart conflict as stomach pain. The pain is complicated and worried and persists for several minutes.
  • Sweating: Perspiration or sweating occurs during a heart conflict and a studious practice cold persperate in zealous amounts.

Emergency Treatment for Heart Attack: 

  1. A chairman who has a heart conflict should be rushed to a hospital.
  2. Several tests are carried out to detect a means of a attack. A 12 lead EKG is carried out to manipulate electrical activity within a heart and detect a shop-worn areas.
  3. Blood tests are undertaken to check enzymes and in certain cases, cardiac catheterization is compulsory where cinema of a blood vessels are examined.
  4. Emergency medicines are given to a studious to stop a arrangement of blood clots and embody aspirin, heparin and other drugs. Other medicines are given for thrombolytic therapy, that disintegrate already shaped blood clots. They work to revoke a heart damage. Nitrates are also used.

A heart conflict is a serious condition and contingency be attended to immediately. Emergency diagnosis procedures are essential to save a life of an influenced person.

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