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Head & Neck Cancers: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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By Dr. Suven Kalra, Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT),

Cancer of a conduct and neck segment is a many common cancer in Indian population. It competence start in a nose, throat, mouth, salivary glands, thyroid gland, ears, eyes or anywhere on a skin of conduct and neck. The origin, cause, symptoms and diagnosis varies widely depending on a accurate site and inlet of a cancer.

Risk factors

If we are hooked to immoderate tobacco and alcohol, afterwards we are during a top risk of pang from conduct and neck cancer; however it can also be caused in people who humour from infection caused by tellurian Papilloma virus.

  1. Tobacco Alcohol – Consumption of tobacco is a commonest means for cancers in a mouth, throat and food pipe. Using ethanol along with tobacco increases a risk of cancer multi fold.
  2. Poor verbal hygiene – Untreated resin diseases, ill wise dentures and pointy teeth can all lead to growth of verbal cancer.
  3. Genetic predisposition – Certain forms of cancers bear a patrimonial risk and are common is certain families. If a tighten relations of yours has suffered from cancer afterwards we should get periodic check adult finished and should not omit early warning signs.
  4. Gender- Cancer of mouth, throat and windpipe are some-more ordinarily seen in men. On a other palm cancers of a thyroid gland are some-more common in women. However possibly sex competence humour from cancer of any site.
  5. Diet – Lack of essential nutrients and crude diet hampers a body’s ability to self reanimate and competence lead to cancer.
  6. Age- The risk of cancer goes on augmenting as we age. Warning signs Certain early warning signs should not be abandoned and we contingency revisit a alloy immediately if we humour from any of these.

Even suspicion these are some of a commonest signs, a list is not extensive and we should not omit if we find anything amiss. 

  1. Difficulty in swallowing- Inability to swallow plain food, feeling of food being stranded in a throat, lapse of food as puke immediately after swallowing are all signs of deterrent in a food siren that competence be caused by cancer.
  2. Hoarse Voice- Hoarseness or change in a voice is one of a beginning signs of outspoken cord cancer and is common in smokers.
  3. Non recovering ulcers – In a mouth or that that are augmenting in size, not recovering for a prolonged time or draining are warning signs of cancer
  4. Swelling – A mass in a neck, flourishing or lengthened nodes are demonstrative of cancer spread.
  5. Bleeding – From a mouth, nose, in saliva or sputum should warning we to a probability of cancer. Blood in stools and black connect like stools are also warning signs.
  6. Loss of weight – Loss of weight and ardour in annoy of holding adequate diet, feeling of lassitude and continual fatigue.
  7. Cough – A cough that is not going divided even after holding mixed courses of remedy should warning you.


  1. Surgery- Surgical dismissal of a influenced organ along with surrounding structures if invaded by a cancer. Surgery is probable depending on a accurate form of cancer, a site of impasse and a theatre of cancer. After dismissal of a cancer, radiotherapy or chemotherapy competence be indispensable to control a little widespread of cancer to surrounding areas or in box of certain assertive cancers to forestall a probability of apart widespread and recurrence.
  2. Radiation Chemo Therapy- Certain forms of cancers are some-more supportive to deviation and others can be treated improved by chemotherapy. These competence be used in and with medicine or alone as a primary treatment. These competence be used before medicine to revoke a distance of a growth or after medicine to control little spread. Modern radio and chemotherapy is designed if such a approach as to revoke unpropitious effects on surrounding normal tissues while progressing limit impact on a cancer. This is usually for information of patients and ubiquitous open and should not be used as a beam to diagnosis or treatment. In box of any health problems we should revisit your alloy and not try self diagnosis during home.
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