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Hair Transplant – What Is It And How Do They Work?

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By Dr Prashantha Kesari , Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Hair transplant is presumably the best resolution to balding or hair thinning and has given many group and women their certainty back. Let’s take a demeanour during some aspects of this procedure:

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a procession where hair follicles are taken from a non-balding partial i.e. a behind of a conduct and transplanted to a areas influenced by a bald mark or thinning of hair. Multiple hair follicles are transplanted that insert to a roots in a influenced or target areas and turn a partial of your healthy hairline in time.

How do hair transplants work?

There are essentially dual methods of hair transplant that are:

  1. FUE or Follicular section descent – This is a process where particular hair follicles are cultivated or extracted from a behind of a conduct and afterwards away transplanted to a front areas or a balding spots.
  2. FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant – Follicular section transplant relies on stealing a frame of hair, about a millimeter far-reaching and trimming in 4 to 6 inches or even more, from a non-balding area during a behind of a head. This hair frame is afterwards cultivated to apart a particular hair follicles. These particular hair follicles are afterwards transplanted to a balding or a target areas.

How prolonged does it take to see a results?

The primarily transplanted hair tumble off within a initial few weeks after a procedure. The transplanted hair follicle afterwards starts flourishing hair on a possess that takes about 3 and 8 months. Eventually, by 10 to 12 months, we should have new hair flourishing on a affected/recipient spots of your head.

Is it a arguable procedure?

Both of a abovementioned hair transplant procedures are intensely reliable. However, one thing to keep in mind is that a series of sittings or procedures compulsory might change on a series of follicles we wish to transplant, a astringency of your baldness and a hair thinning condition. Consult a specialized cosmetic/plastic surgeon for some-more information.


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