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Hair Transplant Procedures!

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By Dr. Pk Talwar, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Hair transplant is a medicine that formula in covering areas of a conduct that have small or no hair. It generally gives we a some-more childish demeanour by addressing thinning of your hair or balding conditions. Hair transplantation, being one of a many widely achieved cosmetic surgeries on men, will assistance we benefit some-more certainty and grasp totally healthy formula that final for a lifetime.

How is it performed? 

The stairs concerned in hair transplantation are as follows: 

Prior to a surgery, hair follicles that are typically resistant to hair tumble are selected for behaving a surgery. This could possibly be from your head, or from that of other donor areas e.g neck, chest, behind etc. The hair that is to be private in a donor area is trimmed. The area where a medicine will be achieved is initial anesthetized. Multiple punches /holes are combined in bald area to accommodate new transplanted grafts.

The alloy afterwards removes a bald resistant hair follicle tissues from a donor’s conduct with assistance of motorised burrs of opposite diameters. Each swindle competence enclose 1,2 3 or 4 hair follicles. This technique is called follicular section extraction. The alloy customarily performs little incisions in strange patterns, in that a hair grafts are placed.

Typically, a smallest follicular units are placed on a frontal region, followed by denser ones during a back. Soon after surgery, a studious will have hundreds of incisions with stubble hair flourishing from them, that competence be accompanied by proxy redness of a skin.


Post surgery, we will be suggested to wear bandages for a day or two. The alloy will allot anti- inflammatory and antibiotic drugs for a integrate of days. Within a few weeks, a transplanted hair falls out, followed by healthy expansion of hair in a few months.

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