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Glaucoma – Treatments Available For It!

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By Dr. Anand Palimkar, Ophthalmology

The medical condition that leads to a weakening of a ocular nerves is called Glaucoma. The condition worsens over time and might even lead to blindness in serious cases.

Causes of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a organisation of associated eye disorders that means repairs to a ocular haughtiness that carries information from a eye to a brain. Glaucoma mostly is called a “silent burglar of sight,” since many forms typically means no pain and furnish no symptoms until conspicuous prophesy detriment occurs.But with strident angle-closure glaucoma, symptoms that start unexpected can embody becloud vision, halos around lights, heated eye pain, revulsion and vomiting. The dual vital categories of glaucoma are open-angle glaucoma (OAG) and slight angle glaucoma. The clogging builds adult vigour in a eye. This in spin strains a ocular nerves and creates problems in with transparent vision.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

The symptoms are not easy to recognize until a marginal or prejudiced detriment of prophesy occurs. A few warning signs of glaucoma can be speckled and should be addressed immediately to equivocate serve lapse of a condition. The common symptoms are:

1. Distorted prophesy is a principal sign and a many apparent of all.

2. If we unexpected find yourself sighting a halo around any splendid light we see, afterwards it is a means for concern.

3. If there is squeezing of a prophesy (called hovel vision) with concomitant pain in a eye, afterwards it is a predecessor to glaucoma.

Treatments of Glaucoma

1. Medicated Eye Drops

Glaucoma drops can boost a out issuing of fluids inside a eye but inspiring a blood vessels, or can check a crawl of fluids in a eye due to a steam of inadequate blood vessels.

2. Undergoing laser surgery

Laser medicine eases a prolongation of fluids inside a eye by expelling a blockages inside a blood vessels

3. Undergoing microsurgery

It is called trabeculectomy. It involves formulating a new channel for removal a superfluous fluid.

Thus, a vigour on a eye that causes glaucoma is reduced. This medicine is not really fit and mostly causes post-surgical complications. So a best choice would be to get a glaucoma make to stop a condition from deteriorating.

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