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Get balanced with yoga tree pose

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In yoga there is a pose called Vrksasana, or “Tree Pose.” This single-leg posture, held for a few moments, does wonders for balance, concentration and focus. It works through a process called proprioception, or the innate knowing of where your body is in space, and holding it there. Standing in this way will strengthen your thighs, calves and feet as well all stretching the spine, chest and shoulders. This single tree pose will pull together your mind and body into one unit for focusing your concentration and improving your wellbeing.

Assume the tree pose

To begin, stand upright and bring your toes and heels together. Stand tall with a straight spine.

We’ll begin Tree Pose with the right leg, so place all your bodyweight onto your left leg.

Bend your right knee as you raise your right leg so you rest your right foot against your left leg. You want to try to get the foot up to the inner thigh, but if you are not that flexible now you can rest it against the left calf.

Note: please make sure to either hold the foot below the knee or above the knee of the supporting leg. You don’t want your weight pushing against the supporting knee.

Find your focal point

Now it is important to find your concentration point. That is a single point you will look at to hold your focus of concentration and to assist balance. Find a point in front of you wherein you do not drop or raise your chin to view.

You can find a point below your head by dropping your gaze without bending your neck. You want to hold an erect spine throughout.

Gain your balance

To gain and maintain balance you want your weight going down your left leg into the floor. If you find yourself tilting to one side, adjust back to center. If your toes are curling up to hold you, simply rest your weight backward a bit so your weight goes down evenly through your heel or sole.

As you drop your weight into your left leg you are engaging your thigh muscles and raising your knee cap slightly for balance.

As the sole of your right foot presses into the left inner thigh you also want your inner thigh to press back into the right foot. This will provide a two way balance point in the center.

Finish the tree pose

Now slowly raise both hands, palms together, into the Namaste pose at chest level. As you stand erect you will continuously press the foot and thigh, hold the hands center, and stretch your spine upward for balance. Hold for as long as you can, or for a period of, say, 30 seconds to a few minutes as you are able.

Now slowly release back down to standing position and repeat on the other leg.

Allow this Yoga tree pose to bring you improved balance, focus, and concentration that lasts into the day.

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