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Gestational Diabetes – Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

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By Dr. S.K.Tandon , General Physician

Gestational Diabetes is a form of diabetes that occurs during a time of pregnancy. It is probable to have a normal smoothness even if we humour from a commotion with a assistance of suitable conference with your alloy and a law of a blood sugarine level. It is some-more expected that once a baby is born, this condition will subside.


When you’re pregnant, a placenta secretes hormones that lead to an increasing blood sugarine level. If your pancreas can't hide sufficient volume of insulin (a pancreatic hormone obliged for branch a sugarine from a consumed food into energy) to umpire a situation, we will humour from an towering blood sugarine turn via a generation of a pregnancy.


The diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes takes place generally in a early stages of pregnancy to drive transparent of destiny complications. In sequence to diagnose Gestational Diabetes, your alloy will discharge a sweetened splash that will significantly rouse your blood sugarine level. If in a follow-up blood test, your blood sugarine turn is found to be some-more or around 140 mg / Dl, a alloy will suggest another fasting blood test. Another turn of check -up will be scheduled in a latter stages of a pregnancy.


The diagnosis for gestational diabetes is finished in a following processes:

  1. A healthy diet and an suitable practice regime will be endorsed to control your blood sugarine level.
  2. You have to bear urine tests to check for ketone content, a participation of that will prove a poignant betterment of a blood sugarine levels.
  3. A prescribed dose of insulin is also prescribed to keep diabetes in check.


In sequence to forestall Gestational diabetes, make certain that we say a healthy physique weight turn before to and after pregnancy as well. If we had suffered from a same condition during your prior pregnancy as well, we should equivocate drugs that conflict insulin arrangement such as glucocorticoid to forestall a same. Keep a check on your blood sugarine levels so that we can be good wakeful of any emanate that occurs suddenly.

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