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Foot caring in Type 2 Diabetics – Ayurvedic Remedies For It

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By Dr Gokulan Bg , Ayurveda

Diabetes affects blood dissemination and also causes diabetic neuropathy that indemnification nerves. These dual conditions lead to complications within a reduce extremities in diabetic patients. It is really critical for diabetic patients to take caring of their foot. In diabetic patients, feet wounds and ulcers can afterwards lead to amputation if they can't be resolved.

Here are few critical tips associated to Ayurveda for diabetes mellitus patients to take caring of diabetic foot:-

  • Inspect your feet daily. Look and feel for any signs of injury, redness, swelling, bad odour, bruising etc. It is always advisable to bear a veteran feet examination once in a year. Physicians will examination your feet for any injuries or feet problems.
  • It is required to rinse your feet daily in lukewarm H2O with neem. A diabetic studious will not be means to decider a heat of H2O due to detriment of prodigy in a feet. Hence, exam a H2O with hands or wrists before fixation your feet into it. When your feet are good dripping massage a heels with a pumice mill to mislay passed skin. Never try to mislay calluses and corns with pointy objects or chemicals.
  • Dry a feet entirely to mislay all a water. Use a soothing string cloth for this. Apply aloe vera formed moisturizer or petroleum preserve all over feet solely between toes as increasing dampness between toes leads to fungal infection.
  • Dust talcum powder between toes to forestall accumulation of moisture.
  • Do not travel around barefoot as it increases injuries. Use soothing slippers even when we travel about during home. Wear gentle slippers or shoes. Check a inside of boots for pebbles or silt before wearing them.
  • Wear gentle skinny string socks. Cotton hosiery catch persperate and do not means skin irritation. Do not wear parsimonious effervescent banded hosiery as they bushel blood circulation.
  • Quit smoking as smoking exaggerates dissemination problems.
  • Take caring to keep your blood sugarine underneath control; use bitters like neem and kalmegh to keep blood sugarine underneath control.
  • Get your blood sugarine checked once in 3 months.
  • Stay fit and in figure by unchanging yoga
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