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Factors That Put You At The Risk of Anterior Knee Pain

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By Dr. Sanjib Kumar Behera, Orthopaedics

Anterior knee pain is characterized by pain in a center and a front partial of a knee. It includes problems such as chondromalacia or runner’s knee wherein hankie of a kneecap breaks down.


The kneecap is benefaction on a front of your knee joint. Bending or straightening of a knee causes a kneecap to slip over a skeleton of a knee. Anterior knee pain occurs due to a marred transformation of a knee cap; it tends to massage opposite a revoke apportionment of a thigh bone. It occurs due to:

  1. Abnormal positioning of a kneecap.
  2. Flat feet.
  3. If your thigh muscles are too diseased or tight.
  4. Any activity that places undue highlight on your kneecap such as using or jumping
  5. Chronic scarcity of vitamin D might also minister to weakening of a undersurface of a kneecap.

There are certain factors that boost a risks of maiden knee pain, they are:

  1. Being overweight
  2. Athletes who perform activities such as using and jumping
  3. Any prior damage or dislocation of a knee cap
  4. Arthritis problem


You tend to feel a lifeless pain around a sides and next a kneecap region. Flexing of a knee can means a harsh prodigy in a knee. The pain might wear if we mount for prolonged periods, while climbing stairs and once we hook your knee.


The simple diagnosis is to give your knee rest and take NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to revoke a pain. You should widen a muscles of a quadriceps (side muscles of a thighs) and hamstrings (posterior muscles of a thighs) to disencumber them up. If we are overweight, we should lose weight to revoke highlight on your knees. Kneecap or Patella. The patella acts as a pulley and helps a thigh muscles in tortuous and straightening of a knee.

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