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Environment and Lifestyle Causes for Hair Loss!

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By Dr Pushpa K R , Dermatology

How does a universe around us impact a hair? In some-more ways than we consider actually. Seasonal changes and wickedness has their large or tiny impact on a body,


As a universe expresses a regard over a damaging effects of ultra-violet deviation that we are invariably unprotected to as a outcome of a lassitude of a ozone layer, a hair is also pang and seeking for help.

The object can't unequivocally bake hair though object bearing will repairs your hair’s healthy protecting film. According to a new study, after only 3 days of object exposure, a scale-like cells (Cuticle layer) that cover any particular hair missile start to lift off. This creates your hair, dry, dull, frail and brittle.

Invest in a hair conditioner that contains a sunscreen. The sun’s feverishness will activate a conditioner, softening your hair, while a sunscreen will forestall UV rays from causing repairs to a strands. If your hair is colour treated, be generally certain to use a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen to forestall colour fade.

You could also try regulating safflower oil; it provides your hair with many indispensable greasy acids, and don’t forget to revisit your Trichologist who will assistance we in preventing hair repairs due to object exposure.

Hair that has been painted or highlighted (stripped of a healthy colour) is generally disposed to UV damage. Colour-treated hair is already shop-worn and a object will make a cuticle even rougher. This creates a hair some-more frail and dusty out. Stay divided from hair lightening products. Most enclose some form of peroxide or steel and can means serious repairs to your hair, not to discuss such unattractive effects such as orange, green, or pinkish hair. Even worse, if a product does enclose steel and we afterwards perm your hair, it competence literally spin your hair into paste and rinse down a sink.

Although a chelator, (an part in some shampoos), can assistance mislay some of a metals staying on a hair shaft, they are not clever adequate to mislay steel deposits that have penetrated a shaft.

Be clever in a sun. Try to use hats, scarves or products with sunscreens to assistance strengthen we opposite a drying effects of a sun. However, make certain that these are not too parsimonious as they competence means hair to massage off (friction alopecia). Similarly, keep braids and ponytails loose.


While a thought of a breeze rushing by your hair seems really romantic, it competence not be a best diagnosis for your hair. The many apparent outcome of breeze is that it encourages a rubbing of hair together, which, in turn, can means tangling, and matting. Undamaged or cosmetically conditioned hair is reduction expected to tangle.


Humidity affects a hydrogen holds in a hair and to a obtuse extent, a salt bonds. The aloft a humidity, a some-more these holds are broken. Hence, a some-more dampness in a hair, a some-more a hair will stretch.

The violation of possibly disulphide holds or salt/hydrogen holds will impact a waviness of a hair and make it some-more receptive to serve damage. Straight hair becomes wavy, wavy hair becomes straighter. It is relations steam that determines a volume of dampness in a hair.


Both chlorine and salt H2O creates a hair dry and also stain it. High chlorine in a swimming pool binds to a hair and give it a greyish or a immature cast. Mineral deposits in salt water, in multiple with sunlight, exceedingly evaporate hair and spin it brassy.

After a day during a pool, use a scalp cleaner that is designed to mislay toxins from your hair like chlorine as good as automobile emissions and other environmental pollutants. Thoroughly soppy your hair before we drop in a pool and supplement a bit of conditioner too. Wash your hair immediately on exiting a pool. You should deliberate a Trichologist as a precautionary magnitude to forestall serve repairs to hair.

If we notice that your hair has turn dry, coarse, discoloured and breaks easily, afterwards it is time to deliberate a Trichologist and get your Tricho-check done.

Prevention is improved than cure!

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