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Effective Laser Acne Treatments

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laser acne treatmentMillions of people across the globe are affected by acne ranging from mild acne that goes away with natural remedies or medicines to severe versions that last for years. The exact cause of acne is still to be resolved by physicians.

A combination of these factors is said to contribute to the condition; excess oil produced by the sebaceous glands located below our skin, improper shedding of dead cells that leads to the clogging of pores, and bacterial activity. The resulting infection is visible in the form of red marks or pus filled clusters that may end up scarring your face or other body parts like arms, back and chest.

Why use Laser Treatment for Acne

Acne is normally treated with the use of over the counter topical products, chemical peels, and medications prescribed by dermatologists. Patients with severe cases of acne that do not respond to normal treatments can opt for laser and light therapy. While laser therapy is a newer method of acne treatment, clinical studies has been found to be effective in 37% to 80% of the patients with moderate or severe acne and acne scars. There are home based lasers available but laser treatment for acne work best when handled by dermatologist surgeons with expertise.

How Does Laser Treatment for Acne work

The lasers can be used as curatives that target and destroy the bacteria in active acne. Lasers are also used as preventive tools that reduce the production of excess oil and prevent the clogging of pores. Lasers are used to treat the red spots and scarring that result from acne.

Lasers target a single condition or area by using a direct, high power beam of specific wavelengths, making them effective in treating acne and acne scars.

Types of Lasers for Treatment of Acne

There are two kinds of lasers used for treating acne: ablative lasers and non ablative lasers.

The ablative lasers or infrared laser treatment were the earliest forms of lasers used to treat severe acne. This laser therapy uses heat to burn away the top layer of skin and creates tighter skin. The side effect tends to be red skin condition that lasts for a few days. The treated skin should not be exposed to sunlight for a couple of weeks. The healing time for the procedure tends to be longer and depends on the therapy given, the type of laser used, and the individual healing tendencies.

CO2 Laser – Scanned or Pulsed Carbon Dioxide

This treatment makes use of light energy by applying it to skin in short and continuous pulses. The laser beams directed on the skin remove thin layers of the skin in a precise manner.

co2 laser

This prevents damage to the surrounding areas. The treatment is quite painful with swelling and redness in the treated area that can persist for weeks.

Er: YAG laser – Erbium –Yttrium laser

This laser produces mid infrared light that gently penetrates the skin. These lasers are called the “cool” lasers as they don’t burn the skin. This light is easily absorbed in water and the heat effect get scattered. The result is vaporization of skin and tissue with minimal side effects. The healing time is shorter although multiple sessions may be required. This treatment is useful for people with busy schedules.

Non ablative lasers are new generation lasers being used in treatment of acne and acne scars with increasing frequency. These lasers do not burn or vaporize the skin. They bypass the top layer or epidermis and work on the dermis, the skin area below, to make alterations to oil producing sebaceous glands. They are also used to destroy the bacteria present in clogged pores. These lasers are considered to be safe for use on dark skinned patients as there is reduced chance of pigmentation abnormalities such as skin darkening or skin lightening.

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Yellow Light Laser – Pulse Dye Laser

Yellow Light Laser

Source: http://www.norseld.com/en/treatments/acne.htm

This laser treatment directs short pulses of yellow light to treat acne spots and lesions without damaging the skin. The yellow light is easily absorbed in the hemoglobin making it effective in the treatment of acne rosacea.

Nd: Yag Laser – Diode laser

This laser work on overactive sebaceous glands to control the amount of oil produced. It helps in the prevention of acne by reducing the chances of clogged pores.

These lasers are powerful and the patient will need eye protective gear while undergoing treatment.

Benefit of Laser Acne Treatments

Laser treatments are costly but effective in severe acne and scarring. Laser treatment carries with it the primary benefit of bloodless surgery. The chance of infection is reduced. Laser therapy is a safe alternative when performed by experienced dermatologists. The treatment is usually done in conjunction with topical treatments. Most treatments require smaller, multiple sessions with lesser healing time and minimal side effects making them a convenient option that can be fitted around individual schedules.

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