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Early Puberty: Causes and Consequences of Precocious Puberty!!

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By Gautam Clinic Pvt Ltd , Sexology

Early puberty, some-more mostly referred to as venerable puberty, can be noticed as beforehand adolescence in girls aged next 8 years, and in boys of ages next 9 years. This is noted by a mutation of a child’s physique into an adult most progressing than usual. These changes might be witnessed in physique figure or size, as good as a body’s reproductive abilities.

Signs and Symptoms of Early Puberty:

In Girls –

  1. Menarche, or a initial duration of a menstrual cycle
  2. Breast expansion and their development

In Boys –

  1. Growth of facial hair
  2. Enlargement of penis and testicles
  3. Deepening of voice

In both girls and boys comparison –

  1. Rapid growth
  2. Underarm or pubic hair
  3. Acne


Depending on either it is marginal venerable adolesence or executive venerable puberty, causes might be personal as follows:

Causes of executive venerable adolesence –

  • Brain tumors or tumors in a spinal cord
  • Radiation bearing to a executive shaken system
  • McCune-Albright Syndrome, a genetic commotion that causes hormone – associated issues
  • Hypothyroidism, when a thyroid gland does not furnish adequate hormones
  • Hydrocephalus (excess liquid accumulation)
  • Hamartoma (non-cancerous tumor)
  • Injuries to any member of a executive shaken system
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia, a organisation of genetic disorders

Causes of marginal venerable adolesence –

  • Testosterone or estrogen imbalances
  • Tumors in a pituitary gland or a adrenal glands
  • McCune-Albright Syndrome


Depending on a cause, early adolesence should be treated accordingly, with a vigilant of assisting a child grow into normal tellurian beings. This can be achieved by a prudent use of medications. This kind of diagnosis is also called a Gn-RH analogue therapy.

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