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Does Sex During Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage?

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By Dr. Tripti Raheja, Gynaecology,

It is utterly apparent that we need to have sex if we are looking to get profound naturally. Though there are positively other ways by that we can get profound though that is not a regard right now. The thing that concerns a lot of couples is that either it is fine to have sex during pregnancy or either carrying sex can means certain complications. It has been found out that there are can be utterly a few complications in pregnancy, though carrying sex during pregnancy does not outcome in any such complications. As prolonged as there are no problems in your pregnancy, we can have sex as mostly as we wish to.

Sex during pregnancy causes miscarriage: A myth

There are people that explain that carrying sex during pregnancy increases a risk of miscarriage or causes mistreat to a fetus. This is a parable given a fetus is good stable inside a uterus and is surrounded by amniotic liquid that acts as a startle absorber for a fetus.

Some Facts

Several women tend to feel a miss of passionate enterprise during their pregnancy. It is mostly due to several hormonal changes in a physique or tired and revulsion competence be other primary reasons for a detriment of libido in women. Several romantic factors also minister to it. Though this miss of passionate enterprise is mostly proxy and is not a vital concern.

You can also have sex in a after stages of pregnancy though we would have to make certain adjustments and take precautions. But generally, couples do not rivet in sex in a after stages. In certain cases, generally if we have had miscarriages in a past, a alloy competence ask we to refrain from sex given it competence boost a chances of complications in a pregnancy.

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