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Decreased Hearing – Know Everything About It!

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By Dr. Zeenat Sultana , Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT)

Decreased conference can be a outcome of reduction sound reaching a Inner Ear (Conductive Loss) or Less Sensation roving from a Inner Ear to a Brain (Sensorineural loss) .

Conductive Hearing Loss-


  1. Wax restraint a External Canal
  2. Hole in Eardrum
  3. Mucus Filling a Middle Ear due to Adenoid or Ear Infection
  4. Misplaced/ Dissolved Bone in Middle Ear
  5. Fixed Bones in Middle Ear

Sensorineural Hearing Loss-


  1. Old Age (Presbyacusis)
  2. Viral Ear Infections like mumps, measles
  3. Exposure to shrill noise
  4. Head trauma
  5. Autoimmune center ear disease

To Differentiate and Treat a Above causes of Hearing Loss, OTO VIDEO ENDOSCOPY is accessible along with Audiometric Hearing Tests.

Here are some of a Frequently Asked Questions-

Why do my Ears Hurt during Air Travel?

Some people rise ear pain when forward to land during an atmosphere craft journey. It is caused by vigour disproportion that develops on possibly side of a eardrum as a craft descends.

Sucking candy and kindly floating opposite a sealed nose and mouth will customarily pull atmosphere into a center ear, equalize a vigour and palliate a pain.

What Should we do about Ear Wax? Is Ear Wax Normal and Hygienic? Should we Clean My Ears?

Earwax is secreted by glands in a outdoor Ear waterway and is healthy in normal amounts. It serves like a proxy H2O repellent. The deficiency of earwax might outcome in dry, tingling ears.

Under ideal circumstances, we should never have to purify your ear canals. But people carrying dry polish or slight ear canals can get polish blockage with pain and decreased hearing. If we wish to purify your ears, we can clean a outmost ear with a cloth over a finger.

DO NOT INSERT Ear blossom into ear waterway as it can serve pull a polish inside heading to finish blockage of a ear canal.

Treatment –

Most cases of ear polish generally if dry, tough and impacted will need softening to diminution pain and promote removal. Wax can be malleable by Ceruminolytic drops and can be private from a Ear Canal regulating Suction Removal Syringing.

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