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Common Signs & Symptoms Of Autism

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AutismAutism is a disease of the brain wherein the brain perceives and interprets things differently from the normal. Due to Autism the people are unable to interpret things as they are like taste, smell, behaviour, relationships, communication etc. Hence, they face difficulty in performing daily routine activities and are often said to live in a world of their own.

Some common symptoms which a person affected with Autism demonstrates, are discussed below.

Common Autism Symptoms

Difficulty in Non Verbal Communication

The people affected by Autism have great difficulty in developing communication of the non verbal variety. They fail to form different postures of the body and have fixed facial expressions.

Autism symptoms

People affected with autism also are unable to gaze into another’s eye and maintain eye to eye contact with other people.

Problem in Verbal Communication

Autism affected people also face great difficulty in performing daily verbal communications with other people. They have great difficulty in learning to speak and sometimes people with Autism do not speak at all. These people are unable to carry out conversations and often loose tract of what is being told in the middle of a conversation. These type of people often take the meaning of the word literally and fail to read in between the lines or understand humor or sarcasm.

Repetition in Speech

People suffering from Autism often keep on repeating one sentence or word again and again, as if memorizing them. This repetition of word or phase if often something they have heard in the past and looks like they are committing it to memory.

Limited or Lack Of Interest

Person affected by Autism exhibit and acute lack of interest in any particular activity. They are unable to be understand and share joy in achievements of others.

autism lack of interest

Even if they start showing curiosity or interest in certain thing, it is usually for a very limited period of time and they soon loose interest in it.

Lack of Empathy

People suffering from Autism often have lack of empathy. They fail to understand the others point of view and are thus unable to relate to them. The people suffering from Autism face difficulty in understanding the feeling of pain and joy in others. Children affected with Autism do not like people cuddling or holding them and tend to get irritated and cranky when the same is done.

Stereotyped Behaviour

Stereotyped behaviour is yet another symptom displayed by people suffering from Autism. They tend to do one type of body movement again and again, like- moving their hands, flapping them, moving their legs, rocking their bodies to and fro etc. This type of stereotyped behaviour is also observed in case of speech.


People suffering from Autism often are seen preoccupied with certain items or things. If they are playing with toys, they will keep on playing with the wheels of the toy rather than playing with the whole toy.

Preoccupied autism

The same if applicable for video games, playing cards, licence plates of the cars etc.

Clinging To Routine

The people who are affected by Autism, often tend to do things in a sequence or order. They like doing things same to same as is done in daily routine, like- following the same route while travelling etc.

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Understanding Autism

Lack of Friendship

Inability to make friends is yet another symptom of Autism. Both children and adults are unable to make friends and do activities in union.

Symptoms Of Autism

These people like to do all activities alone like playing, studying etc. Autism people do not like working in groups and do not ask for help when they are stuck.

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