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Common Post-Sex Mistakes

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By Dr. Kaya Skin Clinic , Dermatology

There is a lot of information about healthy sexual routines; but, not much about the tips that need to be followed post-sex. If you follow some obvious habits, you should avoid making post-sex mistakes and protect yourself from UTIs and STDs. It is important to maintain a carefully planned post sex routine to keep your sexual health intact.

Here are a few post sex mistakes you need to avoid:

  1. Not peeing after the intercourse: You don’t need to rush to the bathroom to pee right after you are done but if you feel like peeing, do not hold back. A certain study has proven that peeing after sex helps in avoiding UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) which can be painful and uncomfortable later. Peeing also helps in getting rid of any excess bodily fluid that lingers in your genital region.
  2. Not cleaning up after the intercourse: You might have excellent vaginal hygiene but it is still absolutely essential to clean up after sex. It is necessary to wash away the residual lubricant, sweat or any bodily fluid from your vagina and body after sex. If this practice isn’t followed regularly, you can end up with a vaginal infection or a UTI.
  3. Not sanitizing your sex toys later: Any sex toy that you used during your intercourse needs to be cleaned up after sexual intercourse. It is absolutely important to clean them as the residual fluids on your sex toys can lead to infections and UTIs the next time you use them. Cleaning might seem like a tedious task but just take some time and do it.
  4. Forgetting to take birth control: A lot of people make this mistake as they believe that they were on the pill before the intercourse session. This is the biggest post sex mistake you can make as it will definitely make you pregnant. Thus, to be on the safe side, you should set an alarm on your phone to remember to take your pills.
  5. In case of a condom burst, rush to the nearest pharmacy, and buy a morning pill to prevent pregnancy.
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