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Common Causes Of Blackheads

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BlackheadsBlackheads is one of the most common skin issues that can occur on any kind of skin but especially those who have an oily tone. In simple terms, blackheads are black spots or bumps on the skin that not only makes it dull but also ugly and embarrassing. Though, it is not a serious health ailment or skin infection, it is one that can have negative impacts on your personality and attraction.

Before you move ahead and start looking for treatments, the idea is to know about the root causes of the problem so that you can prevent it from reoccurring. Knowing about the reasons also broadens your horizons and answers a lot of your queries about it. This health guide below gives you the top notch causes attached with the occurrence of blackheads. Check the out: –

Various Causes of Blackheads

Regular Makeup

Regular makeup and lots of makeup on the skin each day without even caring for the proper removal process and cleaning the skin well is one of the causes attached to the blackhead formation. Makeup blocks the pores along with dirt and bacteria and lead to what we know as whiteheads. When the tip gets oxidized from air it results in blackheads. For those who sleep with the makeup on is committing a serious crime and is punished in the form of blackheads.

Stress And Mental Pressures

Another of the reasons directly associated with innumerable health problems and skin issues including blackheads is regular stress and mental pressure.


The everyday demanding life is making it more and more difficult for the mind to stay stress free. Along with being a top cause for blackheads it also leads to graying of hair.

Neglecting The Skin

Unhygienic ways of lifestyle and neglecting the important steps of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin on a daily basis is one of the reasons why you might experience blackheads and many other skin problems.

Hormonal Change

A change or imbalance in the hormonal secretion is directly related to skin issues including the occurrence of blackheads.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

What you eat is what you reflect. For those who belong to the category of people who eats spicy, fried and fatty foods on a regular basis, the problem of blackheads is quite common as compared to those who eat healthy. It is a proven cause wherein, sugary and high carbohydrate goods also lead to blockage of the pores and blackheads.



Habits of smoking and that too regularly is a reason why the skin is unhealthy, dull, unattractive and full of blackheads. This is one of the most known causes for the crisis.

Alcohol And Caffeine

One of the reasons that can readily lead to blackheads on the skin is the regular consumption of tea and coffee that has high levels of caffeine as well as alcohol. These are some of the things to avoid when you are looking towards a clear skin free from blackheads.

In the Genes

Inheritance is one of the other causes that can be attached to the presence of blackheads on the skin if none of the above causes seems to be logical or applicable for you.

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