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Cleft Lip – Know All About It!

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By Dr Anubhav Gupta , Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Cleft mouth is an verbal and facial monster that occurs in a early stages of pregnancy, when a foetus is still building inside a mother’s womb. The lips are not shaped scrupulously since a hankie that is obliged for their arrangement does not totally rise before a baby is born. This leads to a opening in a top lip. The opening can be tiny or extended to a corner of a nose. In some cases, a cut is in a center of a lips, or on both corners of a lips.

In many cases, medicine is finished to repair a split lip, creation it probable for a child to lead a healthy and normal life.


Usually, a arrangement of a split mouth is an communication between genetic and environmental factors. Chances are that babies innate with this forsake competence have a family member with a same problem.

Some other causes include:

  1. Certain drugs consumed during pregnancy
  2. Exposure to chemicals or viruses while a foetus is still building in a womb
  3. Underlying medical conditions


Children with split mouth can have a following complications:

  • Might face problem in feeding from a mother’s breasts
  • Ear infections that competence lead to detriment of hearing
  • Dental problems arise if a opening extends to a top gum
  • Speech problems
  • Emotional, behavioural and amicable issues competence seem in children due to differences in a approach they appear, compared to other normal children
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