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Change Of Diet To Cure PCOS

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Change Of Diet To Cure PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome is possibly the most common form of endocrine disorder that a woman of reproductive age faces these days. It is generally caused due to some faulty genetic link or abnormal inflammatory responses. But mainly it is caused by the lifestyle that humans pursue, with a lack of exercise and improper diet.

This in turn may severely affect menstrual cycle, cause alopecia, hirsutism, obesity, polycysts, and acne and finally lead to miscarriage. In this article, you will come to know about the various change of diet to cure PCOS that you will need to follow to deal with the problem of PCOS.

Best Diet To Cure PCOS

Balance In Protein And Carbohydrates Consumption


This diet will primarily target the rise and fall in the insulin quantity. This in turn helps increase the chances of fertility. Of course choosing of the right type of carbohydrate is also very important. Opt for whole grain and sprouted grain products than any other processed counterpart as these help to balance the insulin level better. Choose cereals, brown rice, millets, pasta, quinoa, etc.

Choose a Diet High in Fibre


Fibres play two main roles in the body; firstly it helps reduce the digestion of excess sugar in our body which in turn reduces the chances of having polycystic ovaries. Secondly, they help flush out excess oestrogen from the body and in turn help remove fibroids. Hence, you need to munch on broccoli, whole grains, celery, Ezekiel bread, fruits like apples and lots of green leafy vegetables.

Eat Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids are an extremely important dietary requirement that help curb your excess weight as well as balance your hormones to create a favourable environment for contraception. The main sources of these fatty acids are Evening Primrose Oil and Fish Oil. In take these oils from day one of your menstrual cycle till the day of your ovulation for best work. These oils helps to increase cervical mucus and metabolic functions, thus form the main grounds of change of diet to cure PCOS.

Intake of Low Glycemic Index Food

Low Glycemic Index Food

Glycemic index food refer to low carbohydrates containing foods that break down slowly in the body but do not cause a dramatic drop and spike in the insulin level. You are advised to eat lots of green leafy vegetables, whole grain meals, unprocessed food, etc. Avoid having food with high level of sugar quantities like pancakes, potatoes, jams, sugar syrups, pastas white bread products, sweets etc.

Eat Organic


The first rule of eating high proteins and carbohydrates containing food is that the food should be highly organic. Animal proteins like meat and dairy contain large quantities of added hormones like oestrogens to make the animals larger faster and produce more milk.

If you have PCOS then it means that you have a progesterone deficiency, and at such a time piling up more oestrogen can cause the matter to go out of hand. Also trying organic food increases Vitamins, minerals and proteins level in our body, so change of diet to cure PCOS is necessary.

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