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Causes of Asthma Attack

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asthma attackAsthma is one of the quite common problems that are universal in both men and women as well as people of all age. Starting from children to young people and stretching to old aged group, it is prevalent all around the globe. However, there are a lot of precautions and treatments that can be adhered to for keeping it within control. In simple terms, asthma is the inflammation of the air passage that makes it highly difficult to breathe especially during the attacks.

Though there can be lot of signs and symptoms of asthma, you should also be equally aware of the causes associated with it. This will help you in the prevention of the problem as well as give you a better idea on what treatment to pick up. This guide below lists all the possible asthma attacks reasons for your help.

Common Causes of Asthma Attack

Tobacco Smoke

Tobacco Smoke

Any kind of tobacco smoke is one of the significant reasons that lead to asthma attacks. It is one of the quite common causes that lead to problems. Not only does this include active smoking but also all kinds of passive smoking.


There are a lot of allergens that can easily trigger asthma attacks in people who suffer from this problem. Allergens are quite a common cause and one that can instantly lead to attack. Pollens, pets, dust mites and mold are some of the quite prevalent ones that can affect the health in this regard.

Cold and Dry Air

For people with asthma, it is very important to have some amount of moisture or humidity in the air which they breathe. However, cold and dry air is one of the causes that lead to asthma attacks. This is proven by the professional and researchers and should be stayed away from.

Cold and Flu

It has been seen that many people who are asthma patients and are suffering from cold and flu as a temporary health ailment are more prone to the attacks.


This is one of the many causes for the crisis. It blocks the air passages and further worsens the situation of breathing.

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Certain Foods

There are some foods that if consumed can lead to the condition of severe asthma attack. Among these shellfish, red wine and dried fruits are some of the top examples that should be avoided if you are an asthma patient.


Perfumes, fragrances and household perfumed air sprays are some of the products that can be a great trigger for asthma attacks. This is one of the major causes that is known to be quite common among people.

Over Exercise


A lot of exercise can lead to loss of breath in normal people then how can it leave the asthma patients? Rigorous workouts and exercises are not recommended for such people as it is one of the major causes for the attacks.


Certain medications like Aspirin can really lead to issues of panic attacks. It is one of the known causes. For any medicine intake, consult your doctor.

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