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Causes And Symptoms Of Skin Cancer

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By Dr. Nitin Jain, Dermatology

Skin cancer refers to a condition when there is a expansion of aberrant cells in a skin. These have a ability and a potential to widespread to other tools of a body. This condition, if persists can infer to be deadly and life-threatening. Primarily, there are 3 forms of skin cancer:

1.Basal dungeon carcinoma is a many common form of skin cancer. In this a cancer cells grows solemnly and while they do repairs a tissues they do not widespread to other areas.

2.Squamous dungeon carcinoma distinct a fundamental dungeon carcinoma has a ability to widespread to other tools of a body. They are simply distinct as they seem as a pile with a dry aspect though have a ability to rise into ulcers.

3.Melanoma is not a common form of cancer though it is a many dangerous one.


1. Errors In Skin Cells: Skin cancer is generally a effect of blunder in a DNA of skin cells. This blunder causes a aberrant expansion of cells.

2. Ultraviolet Rays: The damaging ultraviolet rays of a object poise a hazard to repairs a DNA benefaction in a skin cells.

3. Exposure To Toxic Substance: Prolonged bearing to poisonous piece enhances a probability of skin cells being damaged.

4. Weak Immune System: If an particular has formerly suffered from any illness that has enervated a defence system, a probability of a endangered chairman pang from skin cancer is hence really high.


Swelling or a strike is a common sign of fundamental dungeon carcinoma. In a neck or a face there occurs a dark strike or injure like bruises.

Red nodules are symptoms of squamous dungeon carcinoma. People with darker skin generally rise nodules on their face or ears.

Patches on a skin seem in box of melanoma. Melanoma is simply identifiable as moles to start to rise on a physique that tends to drain sometimes.

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