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Can Ablation Techniques Manage Chronic Pain?

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By Dr. Ruchi Gupta, Pain Management

Many people vital with ongoing pain find it tough to find service from a same. Interventional Pain Management helps patients cope with ongoing pain. Unlike other diagnosis procedures, Interventional Pain Management addresses a start of a pain directly by regulating techniques like radiofrequency rhizotomy or injections.

Some common conditions that Interventional Pain Management treats are-

  1. Chronic headache
  2. Face/mouth pain
  3. Lower behind pain
  4. Neck pain
  5. Muscle/bone ache

Interventional Pain Management methods infrequently play a purpose in multi-disciplinary proceed to palliate pain and other symptoms. They are used in oncsensus with romantic and mental therapy, and prescribed medications.

4 Ways/Techniques to Treat Chronic Pain with Interventional Pain Management-

  1. Injections- Injections or haughtiness blocks approach strong, absolute medications- opioids and steroids- nearby or onto a nerves to offer proxy service from pain. For instance, an epidural steroid injection (for reduce behind pain) is injected into a lumbar spine, that directly sends steroids to a delirious haughtiness root. Some other frequently used injections are- singular haughtiness base blocks, facet corner injections etc.
  2. Radiofrequency Rhizotomy- This sold technique uses cat-scan superintendence and a needle to conduct ongoing pain. The needle has an electrode right during a tip, that gets heated. Radiofrequency rhizotomy, also famous as Radiofrequency Ablation, intervenes with your nerve’s ability to approach pain signals to a brain.
  3. Intrathecal Pump Implants- Intrathecal Pump Implants (Pain pumps) send absolute drugs true to a start of your pain. A tiny device famous as a siphon is ingrained underneath a skin, and a alloy programs it to broach certain medications. Pain pumps are customarily endorsed for reduce behind or neck pain that formula from a unsuccessful surgery.
  4. Electrical Stimulation- The alloy implants a stimulator that directly sends electrical pulses to a pain-inflicting area, for instance a brain, nerves or a spinal cord.
  5. Other Techniques of Interventional Pain Management-
    • Intradiscal electrothermic therapy
    • Cryogenic cooling

Depending on a source and astringency of a pain, a studious might be prescribed one of these techniques, or a mixed of mixed techniques.

Chronic pain mostly interferes with slight activities, and can be really distressing. Interventional Pain Management follows new-age record to residence ongoing pain, and urge one’s peculiarity of life.

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