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Butt Implants & Buttock Augmentation Surgery

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By Dr. Ruchi Shrivastava, Trichology,

Butt Implants or Buttock augmentation is a cosmetic medicine and lipo-sculpture cosmetic procession that corrects congenital, defects and deformities of a gluteal segment or Buttocks.

Buttocks augmentation can simply assistance your gluteus segment demeanour improved and solve many self-respect problems by a cultured encouragement of a contour of a gluteus

How is it done?

Buttock augmentation is typically achieved as an outpatient procession requiring between dual and 3 hours. The time it takes to perform a procession can vary, however, depending on a physician’s experience, a patient’s anatomy, a technique utilized, as good as other considerations. Butt implants are placed by an rent done possibly where a impertinence meets a behind of a thigh or in a buttock double (where scars are not as noticeable). The surgeon afterwards creates a slot vast adequate to place a boundary implants. For both masculine and womanlike patients, boundary implants can be placed above or next a muscle. Once placed, a surgeon confirms that any impertinence is exquisite and looks natural. The incisions are closed, and a application mantle is applied. Buttock augmentation patients typically can lapse to quiet, low-intensity work within a few days. Full liberation might take several months.


Buttock encouragement regulating boundary implants has proven effective in enhancing a distance and figure of patient’s back ends. Men and women who are unfortunate with a distance of their bum advantage from increasing volume.

Butt implants concede for buttock augmentation in patients with small or no fat deposits accessible for concession sites.

Butt implants lift no risk of fat re absorption, a side outcome of some fat injection buttock enhancements.

Male and womanlike boundary implants have been shown to be both protected and effective. When joined with other physique contouring procedure, such as liposuction, buttock augmentation patients can grasp thespian cultured improvement.


As is a box with probably any surgical procedure, buttock augmentation does lift a risk of complications. Although rare, draining or haughtiness and flesh repairs might occur.

Butt implants could also change and means a bum to be asymmetrical; however, masculine and womanlike boundary implants are placed above a ‘sitting area’ to revoke a risk of shifting. Patients might knowledge inauspicious greeting to a anesthesia. The buttock augmentation procession stretches tissues and might means pain, quite when placed underneath a muscle. This pain can be managed with remedy and should urge with time. Infection, generally when implants are placed by a buttock double incision, is a risk that contingency be closely monitored. Your surgeon will yield postoperative instructions on how to keep your rent site clean. Implant detonation is a really singular occurrence.

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