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Breast Reduction – Know Its Pros & Cons

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By Dr Prashantha Kesari , Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

The procession to mislay additional glandular tissue, breast fat and skin to achieve a proportional breast distance is famous as breast reduction. It is finished to move some comfort from all a pain compared with overly outrageous breasts.

The categorical aim of breast rebate is to trim a breast distance so that it is proportional to a rest of a body. Breast rebate surgeries are finished often. It has a advantages of improving coming and alleviating a romantic and earthy weight of overly outrageous breasts.

You can cruise breast rebate if we knowledge a following-

  • Pain in back, neck and shoulder due to vast breasts
  • Heavy breasts that indicate downward and have areolas (pigmentation around a nipples)
  • One breast is incomparable than a other
  • Feeling mortified or unfortunate if we do not like a coming of your breasts


  • Breasts feel organisation and proportionate
  • Pain service in neck, shoulder and behind that creates it improved to practice and breathe
  • Clothes will fit we improved and we will feel confident


  • Loss in prodigy in areolas and nipples
  • Complaints of pap and breasts looking a small uneven
  • Breastfeeding might turn difficult
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