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Blood in Urine: Causes & Treatment

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By, Dr. K.S Shiva Kumar, Urology

Hematuria is a condition that is characterized by a participation of blood in your urine. Blood in your urine is many mostly benign, however infrequently a condition can be some-more serious. When we can see a blood in your urine with a exposed eye, it is famous as Gross Hematuria. However, when we can usually see it underneath a microscope, it is famous as Microscopic Hematuria. Microscopic Hematuria can usually be diagnosed after endless contrast by your doctor. Whichever form of hematuria it is, it is essential to establish a means of it and afterwards provide that cause…

Causes of Hematuria-

1. Urinary Tract Infections: It is not odd when a usually pointer of a urinary tract infection is a little hematuria. The little hematuria is caused by germ entering by a urethra and afterwards augmenting in a bladder.

2. Kidney Infections: Kidney infections are when germ go from your ureters to one of your kidneys and greaten in that kidney.

3. Prostate Gland Enlargement: When your prostate gland enlarges, your urethra compresses, so restraint a urine flow. This leads to little as good as sum hematuria.

4. Cancer: Hematuria can also symptomatic of several cancers including bladder, kidney and prostate cancer.


1. Antibiotics: This form of diagnosis is administered when a means of hematuria is a urinary tract infection.

2. Shock Wave Therapy: This is a many common approach to transparent bladder or kidney stones

3. Other Medications: There are several other drugs to assistance stop hematuria. These embody drugs that will cringe a prostate gland so that it will not stop a upsurge of urine.

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