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Blood in Urine – A Dangerous Urologic Condition!

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By Livwell Clinic , Urology

Blood in urine, also called Hematuria, is certainly to worry about and should never be ignored. Hematuria is more of a sign of an underlying health problem than a disease in itself. It is important that you consult your doctor if you notice your urine has blood so that he or she can rule out other health conditions. Even single episode warrants investigation to find possible cause and to be treated accordingly. The kidney (produces urine), urethra (tube that discharges urine), bladder (that holds the urine) and ureters (tube connecting the bladder to the kidney) are responsible for the blood flowing into the urine, subsequently rendering it a reddish tint.

A few causes behind this condition are:

  1. Urinary tract infections wherein bacteria multiply in the bladder.
  2. Kidney infections due to the infestation of bacteria, right from the blood stream.
  3. Formation of bladder or kidney stones.
  4. Enlargement of the prostate gland that is present beneath the bladder.
  5. Kidney diseases such as glomerulonephritis that cause inflammation of the kidney’s filtration system.
  6. Prostate, kidney or bladder cancer.
  7. Inherent disorders such as sickle cell anemia(a problem in the red blood cells of the hemoglobin).
  8. Kidney injury caused due to severe blows, certain contact sports or accidents.
  9. Medications such as penicillin or cyclophosphamide, an anti-cancer drug.
  10. Intense physical workouts.


Your doctor will likely ask about your symptoms and will conduct a thorough physical examination. Sometimes, the doctor will recommend tests and procedures to look for the cause of your problem and to rule out other health problems. Examples of tests that your doctor might suggest include urine sample analysis; imaging tests, such as computerized tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); and cystoscopy.


  1. There is no conventional cure for Hematuria as such. Nevertheless, treating the underlying causes of the disease is the first step. Antibiotics will be administered to heal any UTI, medications, for reducing the size of the already enlarged prostate and shock wave therapy might be recommended for breaking down the kidney or bladder stones.
  2. Keep a check on your blood pressure on a regular basis and get the urine tested in order to avoid any further complication.
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