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Blood Clots During Pregnancy: Signs You Should Not Ignore!

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By Dr. G.K. Bedi , Gynaecology

Women during pregnancy are some-more disposed to blood clots. The occurrence of blood clots during pregnancy is some-more ordinarily famous as DVT or deep-vein thrombosis in a medical world. Deep-vein thrombosis refers to a condition in that blood clots form in a veins of a pelvic segment or legs. Blood clots during pregnancy really irritate a risks compared with pregnancy. Women generally knowledge blood clots in a initial 3 months of their pregnancy.

The symptoms of blood clot during pregnancy include:

  1. You might notice flourishing in a calf and thigh region.
  2. Pain prodigy in your pelvic and leg region.
  3. Feeling of pain in a legs while walking.
  4. If a condition is severe, afterwards it might lead to chest pain or respirating troubles.


Deep-vein thrombosis or blood clot during pregnancy might turn deadly in inlet if it formula in Pulmonary Embolism, where a blood vessels of a lungs get affected. Blood clot in profound women can be treated by prescribing an anticoagulant that helps to forestall a blood from clotting further.

Blood clot during pregnancy might be prevented in a following ways:

  • A healthy lifestyle can assistance we to forestall blood clots.
  • Exercising frequently is intensely profitable for correct blood dissemination and can also assistance we to forestall blood clots.
  • Do not lead a sedentary lifestyle; a sedentary lifestyle is flattering most always a menace.
  • Seeking a doctor’s recommendation during an initial theatre is really critical to equivocate serve complications such as heart attacks or miscarriage.
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