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Birth Control & 5 Myths Around It

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By Dr. Tripti Raheja, Gynaecology,

Birth control is a device to equivocate pregnancy. Many couples go for birth control options if they wish to do family formulation or are not prepared to take adult a shortcoming of a child.

Some of a Birth Control Methods are-

  1. Condoms
  2. Birth Control Pills
  3. Rhythm Method
  4. IUDs
  5. Tubal Ligation
  6. Vasectomy

Birth Control Myths – Debunked!

Some people rise a wrong idea that there are certain drawbacks of regulating birth control. Following are certain misconceptions of birth control, debunked!

  1. Myth 1- You have to take pills during a same time everyday

This is a common parable that pills will be effective usually if we take them during a same time each day. This is loyal usually for a mini pills (pills containing reduce levels of progestin) and not for all.

  1. Myth 2- You will benefit weight since of pills

Many women equivocate birth control methods since they fear gaining weight. If we say a healthy lifestyle and practice regularly, we can say your weight even if we are regulating birth control pills.

  1. Myth 3- Your flood gets influenced since of pills

It’s a finish gossip that your flood gets influenced if we are on pills. Fact is that we should certainly conceive, even if it is a bit delayed.

  1. Myth 4- You don’t need to be on birth control if we are breast feeding

Breastfeeding is not a safest approach to safeguard that we will not get pregnant. While breastfeeding does postpone ovulation, it can still happen. Therefore, desiring that we don’t need to be on birth control pills if we are breastfeeding is not justified.

  1. Myth 5- You need orgasm in sequence to conceive

It is loyal that orgasms do assistance a chances of conceiving. However, it is not needed for we to strech an orgasm to conceive.

Overcome all a misconceptions of regulating birth control. Use it in sequence to equivocate neglected pregnancy and have a healthy passionate life.

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