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Bipolar Disorder – How Can It Be Diagnosed?

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By Dr. Omkar Mate, Psychiatry,

Also called manic depression, bipolar commotion is a mental illness that causes extreme mood swings. Depending on your stream temperament, we competence possibly be overjoyed and full of appetite or deeply vexed and hopeless. You competence have problem behaving your daily duties, or progressing personal relationships.

You competence arrangement a far-reaching accumulation of symptoms such as:

  1. Frequent insomnia or restlessness
  2. Feeling weeping and destroyed frequently for a vital partial of a day
  3. Having suicidal thoughts or attempts
  4. Loss of appetite and fatigue
  5. Indecisiveness and inability to concentrate

Types of Bipolar Disorder-

  1. Bipolar I: You competence have during slightest one manic and serious basin episode.
  2. Bipolar II: You competence have gifted a integrate of hypo-manic episodes, that are accompanied by excitability and high spiritedness. In women, a basin dominates a hypo-maniac episodes, since basin is customarily a same or obtuse than insane episodes for men.
  3. Cyclothymic: This is a milder form of a disorder, accompanied by lighter basin phase(s).
  4. Rapid Cycling: It is characterized by fast mood swings and a far-reaching operation of vital basin episodes. You competence knowledge depression, insanity or churned symptoms anytime in a day, a week or during a slightest 4 times in a year.

Bipolar illness is formidable to diagnose, generally among a younger race like children and adolescents, who vaunt a widely incompatible operation of haphazard behaviors. It could take several years to brand either we have bipolar disorder, as one diagnosis customarily doesn’t make a problem clear.

If left untreated, your episodes competence wear over a duration of time in magnitude and severity. It is best to be diagnosed during an progressing stage, so that we can have a healthier and happier life.

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