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Best Kegel Exercises for Curing Stress

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stressApart from home remedies and diet changes and treatments, there is another broad category of natural ways in which you can maintain good health of the body as well as keep the mental health in check. Exercising and physical activity is one of the broad categories of treatment that a lot of people adhere to.

The good news is that exercises has the solutions for most of the health ailments as well as looks effectively into mental problems as well. Also, these are 100 percent safe on the body and gives visible outcomes if followed daily and in the right procedure. It is always suggested that to consult a professional trainer for the right form of exercises before adhering to it.

Talking about stress which is one of the most prevalent problems in today’s world, there are some top notch kegel exercises that can help in proper cure. This health guide below is for people who aim at such a goal. Check out the list and make your pick according to your suitability:-

Kegel Exercises for Curing Stress

Lying Down With Deep Breathing

One of the best and the easiest kegel exercises to start from where curing stress is concerned is lying down in a relaxing position. Reclining is one of the most comfortable positions that you can think of. Herein, you need to deep breathe as well as relax the body completely.

Lying Down With Deep Breathing

This should be followed by the process in which you need to pretend that you are urinating. Try and mimic the exact feeling as you do when you urinate. Now, follow the exact position that you will do when you are trying to stop the urination. Deep breathing and the focus on a single objective helps in giving a calming effect on the mind.

The Sitting Exercise

Another of the effective kegel exercises in this regard is the sitting exercise. In this situation, you need to sit properly, remove all the clothes and then insert a finger in the vagina.

Now herein, you need to tighten the vagina around the fingers for the exercise. Breathe slow and deep when you do this. Contract the muscles when breathing in and then relax the muscles while exhaling the breath. The same can be done by men through their anal area. It is another way of calming the mind and curing the stress.

Sexual Exercise

Sexual Exercise

One of the right times to practice some kegel exercise to cure stress is during sex. The area of concern is already in the active position and you can practice the squeezes and release at the time of intercourse. This will also pleasantly surprise your partner.

The Standing Way of Kegel Exercise

Standing exercises should be done once you have practiced and excelled in the lying down and sitting kegel exercises. Herein, you can stand with legs apart to do the same.

The Standing Way of Kegel Exercise

This is known as progressive relaxation and helps in letting go the tension of the body. Merging the same with deep breathing helps you in triggering the process. This is because deep breathing is one of the relaxation techniques that is very effectual on stress relief.

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