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Ayurvedic Remedies For Conjunctivitis!

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By Dr. Ashwani Kumar Khera Khera , Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda, conjunctivitis is also known as Abhishyanda. This condition affects the eyes and creates symptoms like heavy discharge and pain as well as other debilitating ones like soreness and extreme itching sensation, which can last a few weeks. The condition is usually caused by allergens, the use of dirty contact lenses, eye makeup, and other pollutants. It can also lead to the growth of an ulcer in the corneal region of the eye, in which case it becomes an emergency. Ayurveda has many remedies that can be used in order to effectively treat this condition. Read on to know more.

– Neem or Margose: Neem is known as a bitter ingredient which has many medicinal properties as per Ayurveda. Neem can be washed, dried and ground into a fine paste that can be applied to the eye which is suffering from the condition. While initially, it may sting a little, the astringent properties will help in doing away with the germs even as tear production is greatly increased so that the eye is refreshed and the infection is driven out. It can also reduce the eye pain that one experiences while suffering from this condition.
– Chichitra or Rough Chaff: This is another wonder ingredient that may be used to treat conjunctivitis. In this condition, most patients will also experience inflammation and soreness. Both these symptoms can be fixed with the help of this herb which is usually ground to paste and then applied to the eyes so as to soothe the same. This medicine also helps in bringing down the pain that one experiences in the eyes.
– Prajmoda or Parsley: Raw parsley can be churned to a juice form which can be applied to the eyes as an eye drop. This can help in bringing down the pain as well as the watering of the eyes. It can also soothe the eye when there is extreme itchiness.
– Dhania or Coriander: This is another medicinal herb which can be used for many kinds of condition. One can use coriander extract in order to wash the eyes so that there is less itching, stinging and burning of the eyes which one may feel while suffering from this condition. Further, the pain that one feels in the eyes can also be soothed with the help of this extract.
– Other Remedies: One can use various other remedies like washing the hands constantly and refraining from touching the eyes too often. This will help in keeping further germ contamination from happening. Also, try and wear dark glares for as long as possible so that the eyes are protected from the glare of lights. You can also rub alma juice mixed with honey as a soothing paste over the eyes.

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